The Eliminator Tailgate Feeder Kit for Deer Feeders


The Eliminator is a spinner plate ideal for road feeders.

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The Eliminator Spinner Plate for Deer Feeders

The Eliminator is an innovative new design that can be added to any deer feeder with a 1/4″ motor shaft.  When the motor spins, The-Eliminator drops down and throws feed. 

When the feeding cycle is complete, the spring-loaded shaft returns the plate to the top position and seals to the downspout eliminating wasted feed.

It excels as a spinner plate for road feeders because it is nearly immune to the bouncing and vibrations typical of this application.

The Eliminator makes it possible to remove your varmint guards and throw corn further which will prevent the water holes from developing below the feeder.

The Eliminator spinner plate is sold by Chas-Mac Inc. Hunting Products in Houston, Texas. Buy online, pick up in-store or request delivery.


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