Custom OMDTX Hunting Blinds

OMDTX Custom Hunting Blinds are proudly made right here in Texas. Our best-selling OMDTX blind is this customizable 5’ x 7’ OMD Blind featuring optional interior wood paneling, carpet, ventilation fans, and watertight windows.

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Custom OMD Blinds for Duck & Deer Hunting
  • Height – This blind is 82 inches high, with a seamless roof and 1” 360-degree gutters.
  • Steel Exterior – The exterior is made from 18 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Wood Interior – The blind’s interior is made of real wood that is stained and sealed(insulation and wood are available options).
  • Watertight Windows – Rubber sealed watertight windows to keep you dry while you’re on the hunt.
  • Window Options – Window option sizes are – (2) 42”, (2) 36”, (2) 24” with a quiet flip-up design.
  • Door – The blind’s door has 24” x 70” insulation with an available window option.
  • Paint – Primed acid-washed paint with (optional epoxy in the color of your choice).
  • Shooting Shelves – 360-degree shooting shelves with carpeted interior.
  • Shooting shelves come sealed inside with exterior carpet.
  • Flooring – ¾” treated plywood flooring covered with outdoor carpet and a layer of 20 gauge galvanized steel below. 

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  • 18 Gauge Galvanized Metal, primed and painted
  • Watertight seamless roof, with gutters or window rain guards
  • Quiet flip-up windows, bow or rifle in any size
  • Carpeted Shooting Shelves located under each window
  • Metal door and Frame sealed with gasket and gasketed screws
  • Solid welded tubular frame, configuration customizable.
  • Floor consists of outdoor carpeting, ¾” treated plywood, 20 GA sheet of galvanized on top of our welded base.
  • All tower sizes available….towers include porch, porch rails, non-slip staircase and double handrails.

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CHAS-MAC Custom Built, MODEL 150-TAPSO-06, MODEL 150-TPS-06